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High-Grade Brivis Ducted Heater Service in Melbourne

At The Gas Doctor Melbourne, we offer the best Brivis Ducted Heater Service. Brivis is a very well-known brand in Australia with over 50 years of experience designing and manufacturing high-class climate systems.

All Brivis products are made to withstand Australia extreme climate and come with ISO9002 accreditations and guarantees of up to 10 years. It means that if you have a Brivis heater on your property, you can be sure it will function correctly and last for over a decade.

However, in case something goes wrong with it, you need to be sure that you hire a company that has the certification to handle Brivis ducted heater service in Melbourne for you.  After all, you do not want to entrust this job to an inexperienced operator who can end up damaging your system resulting in further issues and expenses for you. 

We are a company that has been in this industry for over 50 years. In this time we have handled service and repairs of various ducted heating systems and have the certification to deal with all your Brivis Ducted Heater Service needs.  

Not only do we provide reliable and efficient services but you will find that our costs are also very affordable. If you want to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature during the winter months, it is a good idea to call us in for regular service of this system and timely repair in case anything goes wrong.

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Brivis Ducted Gas Heater Repairs Melbourne

Since Brivis has a wide range of ducted gas heating products, you also need professionals with experience in maintaining and repairing these systems. If you find that the unit on your property isn’t functioning as it should, do not delay in calling us. We will provide a quick response, and our team will be at your location within the shortest possible time to handle your Brivis ducted heater service requirement.

Using Innovatoted

Using this technology, our experts can reline gas pipes as short as three feet, reaching up to any length. 


This process is so advanced that the relining can also be stopped and started as required. We can reline gas pipes in Melbourne of diameters in the range of 40 mm- 300 mm. 

Trenchless Pipe

The trenchless pipe relining work can be completed with minimum interruption under paving, concrete, landscape areas etc.

Pipes Made Of

Pipes made of copper, reinforced concrete, steel, plastic fibre can be repaired using an epoxy lining.

Why You Need Timely Brivis Ducted Heater Service

Like any other brand of ducted gas heaters, if your Brivis ducted gas heater isn’t working correctly, that can be dangerous, because it can emit carbon monoxide which is a deadly gas. Because this gas is odourless and colourless, you need to hire professionals like us for Brivis ducted heater service in Melbourne. We use the latest gas leak detection equipment in our work and can handle repairs of any component of the system that is working erratically.

Deferring to call us in for service and repairs will only end up costing you much more in the long run to operate your Brivis ducted gas heater.  Why wait for winter to set in before the system breaks down entirely?

Call us today for Brivis Ducted Heater Service in Melbourne.  We have worked with all models of Brivis systems including the Buffalo, Starpro (SP Series), Classic (Wombat) ranges, and the Compact Series (CC Series). Piyush the latest equipment in our work and always encourage our clients to get their gas heaters inspected every two years. 

24/7 Brivis Ducted Heater Service

Our company performs carbon monoxide testing using advanced equipment, which helps to keep your family safe. When you opt for our services, our team will come in and check the system for issues and defects so that there are no carbon monoxide emissions on your property. We maintain upfront pricing and all our work and provide no-obligation quotes. In case of any urgent Brivis ducted heater service, we are here to serve you 24/7.  Feel free to contact The Gas Doctor Melbourne with your requirement today. The number to call is 0488 800 693 or contact us through this Online Form, and one of our team members will contact you within a short time.

Fully Licensed And Insured

Our company is family-owned and operated, and we always focus on personalisation, customer satisfaction and cost-effectiveness.

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