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Reliable Everdure Gas Heater Service

 Many residential property owners opt for Everdure gas heaters. These systems are energy-efficient, reliable and long-lasting. However, like any other appliance on your property, you would need a regular Everdure gas heater service.

As a well-established and experienced company in the industry, we at The Gas Doctor Melbourne Can cater to all your gas heater servicing and repair needs.  Our team of experts has worked on scores of similar projects in the past and knows what it takes to provide our clients with excellent value for money.

We complete every job professionally, reliably and to industry standards. What also distinguishes us from many other operators in this industry is that we maintain an incredibly affordable Everdure gas heater service cost. So all your maintenance, repairs or replacement requirements can be completed very cost-efficiently.

There is a vast difference between hiring a general plumber or a certified gas fitter for any gas heater service or replacement. Only certified Melbourne gas fitters should handle this job. Gas is a very beneficial commodity; however, incorrect installation or improper servicing can result in hazards. 

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The only way to make sure that your gas heater functions correctly is to hire professionals like us for the job. As part of our Everdure gas heater services in Melbourne, we handle various tasks, including:

  • Checking the gas pressure at different points
  • Ensuring the correct function of the fans
  • Inspecting all the moving parts of the system
  • Cleaning the gas heater regularly

Using Innovatoted

Using this technology, our experts can reline gas pipes as short as three feet, reaching up to any length. 


This process is so advanced that the relining can also be stopped and started as required. We can reline gas pipes in Melbourne of diameters in the range of 40 mm- 300 mm. 

Trenchless Pipe

The trenchless pipe relining work can be completed with minimum interruption under paving, concrete, landscape areas etc.

Pipes Made Of

Pipes made of copper, reinforced concrete, steel, plastic fibre can be repaired using an epoxy lining.

When you hire experienced and qualified Everdure gas heater service Melbourne experts like us, you can be sure that we will tackle all the project systematically. If you get this unit maintained with regularity, it ensures better performance and safe operation. The other important aspect is that you would not have to deal with frequent downtimes or unforeseen issues.

Aside from routine maintenance, it is also vital to get the repair done on time if any problems surface in your Everdure gas heater in Melbourne.  If you have not gotten regular maintenance of the system done over the past few months, we urge you to call us today.

Getting this job done well before it gets out of hand, is an excellent way to ensure that you have a comfortable indoor temperature when the weather gets a little colder. We also cover all our work with guarantees so you can be sure that our team will handle the job correctly at the first shot.

24/7 Emergency Everdure Gas Heater Service in Melbourne

While Everdure gas heaters are robust and durable, if any issue crops up, you need to be sure that there is a reliable and licensed gas fitter in Melbourne on call.  When you contact us with your request, we will send out skilled and licenced technicians over to your property. They will arrive in a fully-stocked service van so that they can complete the job quickly.

We always use only high-quality genuine spare parts in our work. As mentioned earlier, we cover all our workmanship with guarantees. It means that your system will function for a long time without any issues and you get excellent value for money every single time.

If you want to install a new Everdure gas heater on your property or want to replace an existing older unit, we are happy to help. Feel free to contact The Gas Doctor Melbourne with your requirement today. The number to call is 0488 800 693 or contact us through this Online Form, and one of our team members will contact you within a short time to discuss your requirements.

Fully Licensed And Insured

Our company is family-owned and operated, and we always focus on personalisation, customer satisfaction and cost-effectiveness.

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