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Natural gas is primarily made up of Methane, which is an elementary hydrocarbon. The good thing about natural gas is that it is incredibly safe for use, and is the preferred fuel option for cooking, heating, and hot water installation.

Even in case of gas leakage, Methane disperses very quickly into the air because it is much lighter. The technical standards in the industry are quite stringent when it comes to the use of Natural Gas in Australia. This is one more reason why it has such an outstanding safety record, and many people prefer natural gas installation in Melbourne to electricity or LPG for various appliances.

Professional Natural Gas Installation Services

If you want high quality, safe, natural gas installation Melbourne services, you are at the right place. We at The Gas Doctor Melbourne are one of the leading companies in this industry. For over 20 years, we have provided consistently high-level solutions to residential and commercial clients across the region.

When it comes to gas fittings and natural gas appliance installations, we are undoubtedly the best. We have many clients that use electricity or LPG gas on their property. However, if there is natural gas connectivity in your area and to your property, we recommend switching to it.

Environment-Friendly Fuel Option

Natural gas can be used for various needs on your property, including space heating, cooking, hot water, etc. Far less CO2 is dispersed into the environment compared to other fossil fuels, making natural gas an incredibly clean and environmentally friendly fuel option. It is suitable for use on residential as well as commercial properties, and we have the expertise to handle all these projects to industry standards.

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How You Get Access to Natural Gas 

Natural gas connections are allotted to commercial, industrial and domestic customers throughout Australia, via an underground pipeline network.Various retail energy companies manage gas sales. However, companies such as Australian Gas Networks transmit and allot natural gas. Whether you require it for your business or home, when you opt for natural gas you get the perfect balance of dependability, responsiveness, and competence.

Using Innovatoted

Using this technology, our experts can reline gas pipes as short as three feet, reaching up to any length. 


This process is so advanced that the relining can also be stopped and started as required. We can reline gas pipes in Melbourne of diameters in the range of 40 mm- 300 mm. 

Trenchless Pipe

The trenchless pipe relining work can be completed with minimum interruption under paving, concrete, landscape areas etc.

Pipes Made Of

Pipes made of copper, reinforced concrete, steel, plastic fibre can be repaired using an epoxy lining.

New Natural Gas Connection in Melbourne

To get a new natural gas connection in Melbourne, you would have to request it if you are currently using electricity or LPG for various appliances and heating requirements.  You need to submit this request for approval, and the connection offer typically comes in within 10 business days.

Once you have accepted the offer, the company will try to start and complete your connection request within a matter of 10 business days as long as your energy retailer puts forth the necessary service order. After they have installed the metre at your property, you need to contact a licensed gas fitter in Melbourne to install your gas appliances.

Expert Natural Gas Installation Services in Melbourne

Our team of experienced and licensed natural gas installation specialists in Melbourne are highly knowledgeable about all the latest techniques, gas appliances and fittings such as:

  • New gas pipelines for the whole property
  • Gas extensions to existing systems
  • All types of natural gas fittings
  • Natural gas water heater installation & plumbing
  • Gas plumbing installations for kitchen appliances including stove, ovens, etc.
  • Gas plumbing for outdoor kitchen BBQ’s and grills
  • Gas extensions to fire features in yard areas

Fully Licensed And Insured

Our company is family-owned and operated, and we always focus on personalisation, customer satisfaction and cost-effectiveness.

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