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Paloma gas heaters are some of the most popular appliances used in many homes across Australia. These resilient, compact and high-efficiency systems are perfect to individually heat rooms. As long as you get the installation handled by experts, and make sure that the Paloma gas heater service is done as specified by the manufacturer, these systems can last for many years. 

We at The Gas Doctor Melbourne are a leading company in this industry. We have the resources, experience, expertise and certification needed to handle all your Paloma gas heater service requirements. On our team are certified technicians that can manage servicing and repairs of all models of gas heaters.

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Efficient Paloma Gas Heater Service 

We understand that this system represents a significant investment, and you needed to maintain the comfort levels of the indoor areas of your property. We aim to offer our clients prompt and efficient solutions. Regardless of when you require Paloma gas heater service in Melbourne, you can rely on us.  There is a range of tasks that we can handle as part and parcel of this service, including:

  • A thorough check of gas pressure
  • Checking the fans for correct operation
  • Regular cleaning of the components
  • Keeping an eye open for potential issues and repairing them before they escalate 

Using Innovatoted

Using this technology, our experts can reline gas pipes as short as three feet, reaching up to any length. 


This process is so advanced that the relining can also be stopped and started as required. We can reline gas pipes in Melbourne of diameters in the range of 40 mm- 300 mm. 

Trenchless Pipe

The trenchless pipe relining work can be completed with minimum interruption under paving, concrete, landscape areas etc.

Pipes Made Of

Pipes made of copper, reinforced concrete, steel, plastic fibre can be repaired using an epoxy lining.

When you invest in a high-grade gas heater, you need to make sure that the maintenance is completed in line with manufacturer guidelines. Only certified Paloma gas heater service technicians would be able to maintain industry standards and complete every job according to the manufacturer’s instructions. 

Not only are we very knowledgeable and experienced in handling these jobs, but we also continuously upgrade our skills. It means that no matter what kind of Paloma gas heater you need to be repaired or serviced, we are here to help.

The Importance of Regular Paloma Gas Heater Service Melbourne

We have noticed that many property owners neglect to get regular service and maintenance of their Paloma gas heater done. This is a big mistake. Like any other appliance on your property, your Paloma gas heater also needs regular inspection, service and repairs.

It is crucial that you never get this job handled by unlicensed or inexperienced technicians as they will do more harm than good. There are many reasons why you should get regular Paloma gas heater service in Melbourne done by professionals like us:

  • We provide from services and our technicians will be at your location at a time convenient to you.
  • They use the latest equipment and technology in their work so that they are able to inspect and test your Paloma gas heater quickly and efficiently.
  • Our experts follow a detailed checklist for Paloma gas heater servicing in Melbourne.  It means that all the components are checked with regularity and any minor problems will be noticed immediately.
  • During the regular service, if any problems are seen, our technicians will inform you about them and also fix them quickly.  Timely fix a long way in extending the lifespan of your appliance, while ensuring optimal functionality.
  • You will find that our Melbourne Paloma gas heater service is highly affordable and will not burn a hole in your pocket. You have noticed any kind of gas leakage from your polymer heater, turn the system off entirely and call us without delay. We will provide you quick and efficient services.

Feel free to contact The Gas Doctor Melbourne with your requirement today. The number to call is 0488 800 693 or contact us through this Online Form, and one of our team members will contact you within a short time.

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Our company is family-owned and operated, and we always focus on personalisation, customer satisfaction and cost-effectiveness.

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