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Gas is a convenience and a cost-effective way of running various appliances in your home. However, it can also be hazardous if it leaks. If you can smell gas on your property, you must call in professionals like the one at The Gas Doctor Melbourne for Gas Leak Detection.

24/7 Emergency Gas Leak Detection Services in Melbourne

A gas leak is an emergency that needs urgent attention. This is something you cannot neglect, and you need to call in a licensed gas fitter in Melbourne to address the issue. As mentioned, a gas leak can be incredibly dangerous and needs to be repaired within the shortest possible time regardless of whether it is on your residential or commercial property.

Remember that if there is a gas leak on your property, your safety and health are at risk. We are a leading company in this industry and have been operating for over 20 years in the space. Our team understands the urgency of the matter, and it is why we are on-call round the clock.

Professional Gas Leak Detection Services in Melbourne

No matter what time of day or night you feel that there is a gas leak on your residential or commercial establishment, give us a call. We will send out a licenced gas fitter to your property with the required tools. We use the latest gas leak detection equipment in our work which means they can detect the gas leak quickly and repair it without delay.

If you have gas appliances on your property such as a gas water heater, gas space heater, gas oven or gas stove, it is necessary to get these appliances and all the gas plumbing as well as the metre inspected at regular intervals. This kind of maintenance helps to identify a gas leak in Melbourne well before it occurs.

Steps To Take In Case You Smell Gas on Your Property

You must contact our local gas plumbers in Melbourne without delay in case you smell gas in your home. However, there are specific steps you should take even before that, such as:

  • First, turn off the gas connection or supply at the main metre point. The metre is typically placed in a metal box opposite the driveway or somewhere in your front yard.
  • Turn off all the gas appliances including heaters, hot water units and cooking appliances.
  • If you are unable to locate the service valve or the metre on your property, contact your gas retailer without delay and get this information from them.
  • Open up all the windows and doors.
  • Do not like any cigarette lighters or matches.
  • Do not light candles.
  • Do not turn on any electrical appliances or light switches.

Signs of Gas leaks in Melbourne

We understand how hazardous a gas leak can be, which is why we never delay when you call us with this particular request. Our team will be at your location within the shortest possible time. They will use the gas leak detector and conduct a pressure test on the line as well. While we do provide prompt and efficient services, we encourage our clients to be aware of common signs of a gas leak in Melbourne, such as:

  • A rotten egg smell on the property 
  • Hissing sound from plumbing lines 
  • Bubbles erupting on the surfaces of accumulated water in the landscape 
  • Plants in a specific area deteriorating

If you have noticed any of these signs, contact The Gas Doctor Melbourne with your requirement today. The number to call is 0488 800 693 or contact us through this Online Form, and one of our team members will contact you within a short time.

Signs That You Have a Plumbing Leak in Melbourne

While we are very quick in our response, but you need to be aware of the common signs of water leaks so that you can call us sooner than later. Some of these signs include:


You notice damage to wooden features on your property


Damp patches on walls, floors and ceilings


Cracks in brickwork, concrete or tiles


A mouldy, damp smell


Mould growth in certain areas of the house


Some areas in the landscaping are always wet


You hear water dripping or running behind walls

In all of these cases, you must contact us immediately. We are here to help with even the most complex water leak repairs quickly. A big part of repairing these problems is getting water leak detection in Melbourne done.

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